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Operator Training

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These Qualifications are for any individual who is, or wishes to be, involved in operating a lifting machine/s or dealing with challenges in a lifting machine. Typical learners will be persons who are currently performing a range of activities and processes in lifting machine environment who have not received any formal recognition for their skills and knowledge, or learners who wish to embark on this qualification or those with a broad knowledge and skills base who work with lifting machines and who want to specialize in certain aspects of the lifting machine environment. While the Qualification is primarily aimed at providing the lifting machine operator the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes required to perform a variety of activities using lifting equipment, it does not preclude any other individual both within and outside the lifting machine environment from accessing it.

This Qualification also enables the learner to work with a degree of responsibility during the performance of the lifting operation without working under direct supervision. The learner will also be able to display leadership skills among fellow workers in operating the lifting machine to perform a variety of tasks.


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Operator Training

Unit Standard ID                     Unit Standard Title
64829 Lifting Machine Operations (National Certificate)
116231 Operate a cab controlled overhead crane (C31)
116235 Operate a pendant controlled overhead crane (C31)
116254 Lattice Boom Mobile Truck Crane
116254 Operate a Mobile Crane (Novice) (C33, C34, C37, C38, C43)
116254 Operate a Mobile Crane (Re-cert) (C33, C34, C37, C38, C43)
116255 Operate a tower crane (C41, C42)
117898 Move, pack and maintain stock in a distribution centre/warehouse
123260 Operate Tail Lift
242972 Operate advanced defined purpose lift trucks (F5)
242972 Operate advanced defined purpose lift trucks (F8, F9, F13, F14, F15, F16)
242974 Operate counter-balanced lift truck (F1 – F3)
242974 Operate counter-balanced lift truck (F4)
242976 Operate overhead/gantry cranes (Novice) (C30, C31) 
242976 Operate overhead/gantry cranes (Re-cert) (C30, C31)
242978 Operate Truck Mounted Crane (Novice) (C32)
242978 Operate Truck Mounted Crane (Re-cert) (C32)
242981 Operate defined purpose lift trucks (F6, F7, F12)
242982 Operate heavy crane (C35, C36, C39, C40)
243273 Monitor and control the safety and operations of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (C53)
260757 Operate Straddle Carrier (C49) Novice
260757 Operate Straddle Carrier (C49) Novice
260761 Operate a reach stacker (C48)
260762 Operate rough terrain/earthmoving/agricultural equipment (F11)
260778 Demonstrate knowledge of the regulatory framework for lifting machines
260779 Describe different categories of lifting machines
260781 Operate a telescopic boom handler (C46)
260797 Operate a sideloader lift truck (F10)
Qualification ID Qualification Title
64829 National Certificate: Lifting Machine Operations